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Our photography service has been perfected over the years and we believe that we provide truly great coverage to our clients. We have hundreds of happy clients who confirm this!

In addition to producing wonderful photographs, Charles' priority is to make the process of being photographed easy and enjoyable for you.

Each project that is undertaken always receives impeccable, round the clock service, which is custom tailored to the client's needs.

Remember, anyone can snap a picture, but at Ebinger Photography we create photographs that capture a memory, a slice in time remembered..

Thank you for your interest in our photography service. We look forward to working with you.



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  • "The visual you imagine when you first create an idea is not often achieved. Unless, however, Charles shoots for you. His images not only fulfill what you had in mind, they exceed it. Somehow, he sees what most people can't and brings magic to even the most common topics. He makes my job easy."

  • "Charles is the most amazing photographer. He was perfect on the day, professional, kind,calming and discreet. He captured every moment of the day and each photo tells a story. His photographs are beautiful and the quality outstanding. We cannot praise his work enough, or thank him enough for giving us the opportunity to be taken back to the most special day in our lives just by looking at his photographs."

  • "Charles has an amazing group of people working with him - giving him the support he needs to allow him to create the awesome images he captures on film. And, he's a really great guy!"

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- Doug Oliver | Team Manager

"We've had a lot of fun working together over the years. but with Charles, I've come to realize that great photography is compelling. it makes you think about what you are seeing. Charles' photographs are not just images, they are short stories."

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