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About My Passion in Photography

Hi I'm Charles, thanks for taking the time to view my Hamilton based photography website and having a look around.

I have a number of years experience covering events around the US and capturing landscape images while on my travels both in the UK and many countries abroad, and of course weddings where I ensure that not a moment will be missed in your own very special and important day.

Meet The Team

  • Marie Collins

    With extensive background in fine art photography, Maries's attention to detail and careful composition allow her to capture unforgettable moments with a fresh approach.

  • Steve Mikes

    Documenting moments, creating beautiful images, and pleasing clients is what inspires me. The ultimate reward for me is when I see the emotional faces, the joy of the couple as they view their wedding art book. Every image and each page turn tells a part of their story, reminding them of the best days of their lives!